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Rubberband Loop

Targeted and joint-protecting muscle workout for everyone. Circular rubber band, suitable for many different exercises and for improving different muscles and muscle groups.

Rubber band "Loop", light
Rubber band "Loop", medium
Rubber band "Loop", strong
09389 smallest fitness center


Smallest fitness center

Keep fit. This small set enables effective training at any time, any place. The ring shaped rubber band (09383) is suitable for many various exercises and for enhancing various muscle groups. Resistance: light. Packed in a flat plastic box with a clicking lock (04084), that can be individually refined or personalised and these are also available in many different colours.

Exercise band "Bodywork"

Small thing, large effect. Elastic rubber band, ideal for exercising individual muscles or muscle groups as well as for strengthening the back. Different joint-protective exercises with this band ensure a better physical feeling.
Excercise band "Bodywork" medium
Excercise band "Bodywork" light
Excercise band "Bodywork" strong


Fitness center "To Go"

Simply train anywhere. Flexible gymnastic band for training and working different muscles and muscle groups as well as strengthening the back. Diverse, low impact exercises using this band creates a better sensation for your body. Packed in our "slim" tin case (05241). Imould finishing is possible.

09392 Fitness center To Go light


09393 Fitness Center To Go medium 09394 Fitness center To Go strong
Fitness centre "To Go" light
Fitness centre "To Go" medium
Fitness centre "To Go" strong


Dumbbell-Set "Bodyfit"

Let's remain dynamic with the dumbbell sets by elasto fit. 2 handy weights made from chrome iron steel with vinyl/PVC sheathing for a good grip.

Dumbbell-Set "Bodyfit" 0.5 kg


Dumbbell-Set "Bodyfit" 1.5 kg


Dumbbell-Set "Bodyfit" 1.0 kg





Wellness-Ball "Hedgehog"

The blood circulation is stimulated by moving the knobby ball across the







Microfibre cloth "Cleany"

Snug and soft and ultra absorbent. Lightweight microfibre cloth with bound edge.


Hand trainer "Squeeze"

Perform the workout anytime and anywhere. Lightweight exerciser made of soft PU foam for strengthening the hand and forearm muscles.



Compact training set, consisting of storage case "snack-box" (05247), a gymnastic band and the "squeeze" hand trainer (09443).
Work on the various low impact muscle groups and keep fit. 

09395 Gym-Box light 09396 Gym-Box medium 09397 Gym-Box strong

Gym-Box "light"

Gym-Box "medium"
Gym-Box "strong"





Skipping ropesin different designs

Jump rope (American English) or skipping rope (British English) is the primary tool used in the game of skipping played by children and many young adults, where one or more participants jump over a rope swung so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. This may consist of one participant turning and jumping the rope, or a minimum of three participants taking turns, two of whom turn the rope while one or more jumps. This is called long rope. Sometimes the latter is played with two turning ropes; this form of the activity is called Double Dutch and is more difficult. Jump-rope rhymes are often chanted beginning when the skipper jumps in and ending when the skipper messes up.



Skipping rope "Jump"

Made of flexible plastic with an individually adjustable rope length. Advertising possible on plastic handles.


Skipping rope "Holz"

Made of tear-proof cotton with an individually adjustable rope length. Advertising possible on wooden handles. Coloured handles on request.




Skipping rope "Profi"

The pro among the skipping ropes. Steel cable with PVC sheathing for a higher speed and ergonomically shaped PP handles with structured surface for a better grip. The length of the rope (270) can be individually shortened and readjusted using the screw caps on the handles. Thanks to the rotating heads the rope swings faster and can not twist.


Boxing gloves "Punch"

Boxing gloves made from synthetic leather with wide hook-and-loop fastener closure. The top of the glove is black, the bottom side is white. Standard size.




Cooling pad "Easy Fix"

Cooling pad with practical andl long hook-and-loop fastener fastener. Ideal to put on your
knee, thigh or arm. Before use, put in refrigerator.


Cooling pad "Active", large

Self-activating, with cooling effect. For use on the body for comfortable,
partial cooling. As of the second application, the pad may be cooled in the


Sports bracelet "Smartphone"

Always accessible, also during exercises. Bag for a smart phone for attachment to the upper arm by means of hook-and-loop fastener fastener. Including see-through panel, opening for headphone output and zip.




Snap armband "Highlight" 22cm

Easy, fast and safe. Clever arm slap wrap made of reflecting / luminous material. Universally deployable. Certified in line with DIN EN 13356.


Sports bag "Rucksack"

Sports bag with replacable name tag, cord and reinforced corners that prevent tearing Can be worn as a rucksack or shoulder bag.


Pedometer "Easy Going"

Counter of steps with big advertising space. With reset-function.


Pedometer "Sporty"

For all those who want to know everything precisely. Light step counter with stable plastic housing and solid clip on the rear side. Shows the time of day, the number of steps, the kilometres covered and the calories consumed.



Nordic Walking Set "Basic"

With 2 aluminium-telescope-sticks (88cm), 1 aluminium bottle with belt loop (500ml) or pouch, 2 aluminium carabine hook (4cm) and 1 pedometer (incl batteries). Set packed in bag with net and strap.



Cushy lamp for the head with wide elastic straps, 9 LEDs which blink or shine permant. Batteries included.



Drinking bottle "Champion" 0.55 l

Custom produced blow-moulded bottle. Practical click stopper with tightly
sealing lid. Capacity: 0.55 litres.


The drinking bottle for Champions

In many different colours available!


Drinking bottle "Champion" 0.7 l

Custom produced blow-moulded bottle. Practical click stopper with tightly
sealing lid. Capacity: 0.7 litres.



Traning makes you thirsty. Practical set, consisting of "Champion" 0.55 L drinking flask (05059) and a gymnastic band "bodywork".
Quite light and enables you to work various muscles and muscle groups and drink plenty of fluids. This helps you keep fit.
09398 Gym-Bottle light 09399 Gym-Bottle medium 09400 Gym-Bottle strong
Gym-Bottle "light"
Gym-Bottle "medium"
Gym-Bottle "strong"