With our elasto fit product line, you give your promotional gifts one particular aspect.

Nothing is more important and valuable than your health!


Shape up your gift!

Ideal for:

  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Movement
  • Emotions
  • Prevention
  • Occupational Health Management (OHM)
  • Employer Branding


The use of ourelastofitproductscan be dividedinto two areaseach with 3modules:

  1. Use as a classic promotional item

    Module A

    elastofitproductpurchase as a"promotionalgift"for the consumer

    Module B
    Individual creationof atutorial(integration intheintegrated marketingcampaign)

    Module C
    Individual creationof an e-commerceplatform

  2. Use in the field of OHM (Occupational Health Management)

    Development and implementation of anindividualhealthmanagement concept

    Module A
    elastofitproduct purchaseas"operationalgift"to the employee

    Module B
    ProductSpecific actions:workshops, seminars, courses inbusiness

    Module C

    C1:HealthTraining +measures
    C2:Health Check(basic check, powercheck, FullHealthCheck)
    C3:Implementation inbusiness


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